About Symmetry Massage Centre

Symmetry Massage boasts a team of professional therapists in South Coogee specialising in a range of techniques from deep tissue and remedial to sports, relaxation and pregnancy massage or myofascial release. Benefits of these methods include relief from pain and stress, stimulating the body’s natural healing processes and releasing tension from your muscles, joints and bones. Whether you have a specific medical issue or you just want to relax, de-stress and improve your health, our massage therapists will tailor a program uniquely for you. The goal is to empower your body and make you feel great.

south coogee remedial massage


Path to a Healthier You

Our 1-to-1 health coaching provides you with an understanding of your unique health situation and equips you with tools that help you to take control of your health and wellness, and achieve the quality of life you deserve.


Restore the Natural Balance

We specialise in natural therapies designed to restore your mind and body. Some of them focus on healing processes, while others are contributing to your wellbeing. Whether you are suffering from pain, illness or injury, there is a wide range of natural diagnostic and healing methods that can help improve your health. We can tackle various medical issues from common colds to chronic diseases and pain caused by cancer. Our services include the Japanese reiki method which raises your natural energy levels and boosts healing processes in your body. We also specialise in naturopathy which is an alternative medicine that promotes self-healing and pairs well with many types of massage services we are offering. You can also benefit from iridology screens that are completely non-invasive and dry needling acupuncture that can help ease muscular pain.