Are You Ready for Deep Healing & Transformation?

This 8 week journey back to health with Patricia Ribas is a process of deep detox and healing that will transform your health and wellbeing.

You will learn how to leave the toxic waste behind and take control of your health, your well-being and lifestyle..

8 week journey to detox your life

Detox For Life Program

$2845 $1,995
  • Naturopathic Comprehensive Health Consultation ($220 value)
  • Specialised 8 week Healing Plan ($110 value)
  • Detox product essentials. Colon cleanse, parasite herbal formula, Epsom salts, greens powder, enema bag; total value ($235 value)
  • Weekly education call with Patricia Ribas ($1760 value)
  • Weekly personal check-in with Patricia Ribas ($520 value)
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Who Is It For?

Detox for life is for you if you are ready to take your life to the next level. If you are tired of being sick and tired, or you are suffering with symptoms you can’t get to the bottom of, or you have a major disease and are ready to heal, or you are looking to uplevel your consciousness. 

It’s time to reclaim your power, heal yourself and step into your true greatness. This is an invaluable opportunity to invest in your health and your future.

Yes! I want to join.

Phase 1: Weeks 1-3

Lifestyle and Habit Awareness
- 7 Principles of Health
- Intermittent Fasting
- Plant Based Diet

Phase 2: Weeks 4-7

Cleanse and Detoxification
- Colon Cleanse
- Specific Organ Cleanse
- Big Detox (includes 21 day fasting)

Phase 3: Week 8

Permanent Change
- Rebuilding and Integration
- Solidify New Healthy Habits

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