FREE 15 Minute Health Consultation

Symmetry Massage offers 15-minute health consultations with trained healthcare specialists. We can help you kick-start major changes and design a health and wellness plan that works for you. Whether you have a specific health issue or you just want to improve your overall health, we are there to give you professional tips and guidance.


Benefits of Health Consultations

Benefits of health consultations include:

  • Setting health and wellness goals
  • Getting personalised tips
  • Learning about the best ways to target your health issues
  • Learning about the best natural treatments that will work for you


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This session will provide you with clarity on your current situation, your end goal, the path to get there and how we can help.

We also provide more information about the programs we offer and which is best suited for your situation, as well as provide you with an opportunity to ask and discuss any questions you may have.

What You Get

  • Quick interview to understand your needs
  • Overview of coaching services
  • Questions answered

"So Simple. Makes Perfect Sense & It Works!"

“I was incredibly sick from cancer “treatment”, and I was just going backwards, so as you can imagine I’ve been to a few naturopaths over the last decade and had found them all quite “good”, but they were trying to fix a problem without really knowing what the problem actually was. That all changed when I met Patricia at Symmetry Massage. She leaves them all in the dust!

Everything I thought I knew about diet and well-being was about to be cast aside, and I’m grateful that I had the sense to embrace her approach. Her method is so, so simple, makes perfect sense and it works. It is a method to which I myself can now attest. Right from the outset she set out a plan that involved an Iridology/Sclerology examination of my eyes (non- invasive)to establish the root cause of my problem, followed by a dietary regime that set me on a path to not just better health, but best health! She empowered me with the notion of self-accountability, but more importantly, self-determination, and handed me the tools needed to take charge of my own future health, and ultimately, my life. It has been testing for me at times but thankfully my journey has been made infinitely easier by Patricia’s guiding hand, nurturing persona, passion for healing through food, and, her knowledge and insight that extends well beyond her years. She has also been my rock when I have faltered. Every day I am grateful that I met Patricia. The journey is not quite over but my path is based on tangible progress, is rewarding, clear, and has been so from day one. Yours will be too!

Paul Pierce, NSW

FREE 15 Minute Health Consult

  • 15 Minute Phone Call With Patricia Ribas
  • Find out how iridology, sclerology and naturopathy could help you
  • Get your questions answered about the health assessment

60 Minute Health Assessment

$ 155 (Save $65)
  • 60 Minute Health Assessment
  • Full Iridology Assessment
  • Full Sclerology Assessment
  • Health Report & Action Plan
  • Normally $220