iridology and sclerology

Iridology and Sclerology for Optimal Health

If you want to lead a healthier life, it is essential that you monitor your body and perform regular check-ups. Non-invasive investigative methods such as iridology & sclerology can help you get the bigger picture and know your strengths and weaknesses better. With the help of professional health coaching services Sydney-wide, you can benefit from custom healthcare plans tailored especially for you.

What Can Iridology & Sclerology Reveal About Your Health?

Iridology and sclerology are methods for studying your eyes to get an insight into your overall health and invisible changes in your body. You can discover the underlying problems that have still not produced any symptoms but might do so in the future. Another benefit of these non-invasive techniques is that you can map out weaknesses and predispositions towards certain diseases which you didn’t know of. These scans are a great addition to traditional medical exams because they can pinpoint problem areas and detect potential problems before they start developing.  These two methods are complementing each other and offering a comprehensive image of your overall health. They can help you prevent future illnesses and focus on areas of your body that need extra care.

What is Iridology?

The iridology exam focuses on the analyses of the iris, which is the coloured portion of your eye. Reading the fibres, colours and other elements of the iris can tell us about the health condition of the whole body and reveal inherited predispositions as well as otherwise undetectable symptoms. It is believed that the iris records changes in our body and that we can read them because nerves from the whole body travel to the brain through the optic nerve.

What is Sclerology?

While iridology focuses on the iris, sclerology observes the whole eye and analyses red lines and other visible markings to detect possible health problems. These markings in the sclera indicate that there are problems in specific areas of your body, and the screenings can tell you if a specific weakness has started to manifest. Once you spot an issue, you can start working on it to improve your health and prevent escalation of the problem.

How Can You Work With a Coach to Improve Your Health?

Working with a professional coach can help you create a better plan to target your problem areas, prevent future issues and improve your overall health and wellbeing. Before you decide to start with a special diet, massage, natural therapy or a detox plan, you need a health consultation with an expert who can tell you exactly what to do. Non-invasive investigative methods such as iridology & sclerology can help detect and better understand your weaknesses and create a bespoke healthcare plan. Your health coach will work with you to provide a holistic solution rather than a short-term relief. A combination of a well-balanced meal plan, a tailored wellness program and natural remedies can achieve incredible long-term results. The goal is to empower your body, improve nourishment and create healthy habits!

The information provided in any of our programs, digital or printed material is general in nature and contains statements of opinion that are not intended as medical advice of any kind. Symmetry Welllness PTY LTD (Trading as Symmetry Massage Clinic) are not medical doctors and therefore we recommend that you consult your health care professional before commencing any diet, cleanse or fast, or before following any of the guidelines in our programs, digital or printed material, to determine their suitability for you and your personal circumstances.

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