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Heal Faster, Perform Better & Relax Deeper With Chifley Massage Therapy.

Symmetry Massage is committed to restoring your health and wellbeing by offering a holistic approach and custom treatments in Chifley.

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Chifley Massage Services

Our fully qualified and experienced practitioners will work with you to ensure the treatment provided meets your specific therapeutic needs. It’s all about you.


Massage Clinic Chifley

Heal, Perform, Relax

Symmetry Massage services clients from Chifley, providing a wide range of natural treatments, remedies and healthcare programs to empower you, promote your wellbeing and target your health issues. Our team of qualified therapists will assess your situation and recommend the best massages and healthcare programs to target your problem areas and help you achieve goals. Whether you are battling chronic pain, recovering from an injury, experiencing pains during pregnancy or suffering from stress and anxiety, we can help you feel better!

Our massage centre offers free consultations to residents of Chifley to assess your health situation, recommend the best treatments and create custom plans that are tailored to your needs. Additionally, we also have non-invasive diagnostic methods to locate problem regions in your body. We use iridology and sclerology to analyse your eyes and pinpoint your weaknesses and imbalances. After we determine which areas need improvement, we can create a bespoke healthcare plan which uses only one or multiple therapies, massages and treatments.

Symmetry Massage Chifley is committed to restoring your health and wellbeing by offering a holistic approach and custom treatments. Combining massage, naturopathy, dry needling, Reiki, detox plans and other natural treatments with health coaching and wellness programs, we want to give you a unique solution tailored to your needs and provide guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Massage Centre Chifley

Heal & Rejuvenate

Symmetry Massage centre in provides a wide range of services, including reiki, naturopathy, dry needling, colon cleanse and liver flush to the people of Chifley. We combine these treatments with massages, wellness programs and health coaching to give you a comprehensive solution to your specific problems or improve your general health and wellbeing. Our holistic approach ensures that we target all of your issues and cover all the aspects of any concrete problem, be it chronic pain, injury, stress or anything else.

At Symmetry Massage, we care for your wellbeing, and we believe that a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t the best strategy. This is why we offer customised solutions and tailor massages, treatments and healthcare programs to your unique needs. If you come to us for a remedial massage or a myofascial release treatment, we will carefully choose and adjust the techniques, measure strokes and apply the amount of pressure your body requires.

Chifley massage focuses on easing tension in muscles, eliminating pain, repairing damaged tissue and contributing to your wellbeing. Increasing blood flow allows your body to start healing and repairing itself. Whether you have an injury, inflammation or any other medical condition. Symmetry Massage boasts a team of healthcare experts using massages in combination with other natural therapies like naturopathy to empower your body. We are here to tailor a unique remedial treatment for you.