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Heal Faster, Perform Better & Relax Deeper With Maroubra Massage Therapy.

Symmetry Massage is committed to restoring your health and wellbeing by offering a holistic approach and custom treatments in Maroubra.

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Maroubra Massage Services

Our fully qualified and experienced practitioners will work with you to ensure the treatment provided meets your specific therapeutic needs. It’s all about you.


Massage Clinic Maroubra

Heal, Perform, Relax

We service Maroubra massage clients with custom-made therapies created uniquely for you! At Symmetry Massage, we pride ourselves on our holistic and tailored approach to healing with natural methods. We have a team of health coaches, massage therapists and other practitioners who specialise in creating personalised treatments designed to efficiently assist you in battling pain, heal faster or relax and unwind deeper.

Symmetry Massage Maroubra offers free consultations and recommends individual massages and package plans that are going to work for you. We take time to assess your condition and suggest natural treatments, remedies and massages that are targeting your specific issue. What can we help you with at our Maroubra centre? Our unique approach is aimed at improving your overall health and wellbeing while also targeting specific problems such as chronic pain, headaches, insomnia, stress, anxiety, pregnancy discomforts, bodily injuries, skin conditions and many other issues.

Symmetry Massage Maroubra is committed to restoring your health and wellbeing by offering a holistic approach and custom treatments. Combining massage, naturopathy, dry needling, Reiki, detox plans and other natural treatments with health coaching and wellness programs, we want to give you a unique solution tailored to your needs and provide guidance towards a healthier lifestyle. 

Massage Centre Maroubra

Heal & Rejuvenate

We make sure to meet your needs! In addition to our natural treatments, we also provide iridology and sclerology tests to assess your health better and detect your problem areas. We offer highly impactful massages but we also use other methods to improve your health and wellbeing. You will get the best results with a combination of reiki, dry needling, naturopathy, detox programs and massages that target your issues. Our natural treatments will have an even greater impact when you work with our health coaches to alter your diet and lifestyle. We also have carefully tailored wellness programs to help accelerate the healing processes and empower your body and soul.

Visit us from Maroubra. Massage therapies, personalised treatments, natural remedies and health coaching are our specialty. Our therapists will dedicate their time to create a unique solution for you, be it a remedial massage to treat your pain or injury, a relaxing treatment to relieve you from stress or a package of services that will boost your energy and strength.

Maroubra massage focuses on easing tension in muscles, eliminating pain, repairing damaged tissue and contributing to your wellbeing. Increasing blood flow allows your body to start healing and repairing itself. Whether you have an injury, inflammation or any other medical condition. Symmetry Massage boasts a team of healthcare experts using massages in combination with other natural therapies like naturopathy to empower your body. We are here to tailor a unique remedial treatment for you.