benefits of sports massage

Benefits of Sports Massage for Healing and Rehabilitation

Whether you are recovering from inflammation or injury or you just need to relax sore muscles and improve your performance, a professional sports massage is bound to help you get back in shape. It can act as a preparation for your workout, post-training care or an aid to help you recover and get back to your regular sports activities. Combined with myofascial release, Reiki energetic massage and other natural treatments, a sports massage aims to promote self-healing, empower your body and help you achieve your goals faster. Here are the five main reasons that will convince you to start right now.   

1 – Relaxed Muscles

By stimulating your muscles and tissues, a sports massage promotes blood circulation and regulates your body temperature. Soothing strokes can help you relax sore muscles after an intense workout or reduce symptoms of inflammation or sports injuries. Even if you have a severe condition that requires medication, a lot can be achieved with the right massage. Sydney practitioners combine different therapies and techniques to achieve the best results. They include myofascial release, a range of massages and Reiki. Coogee boasts superb massage centres that are using all these methods to provide holistic solutions to your healthcare.

2 – Reduced Pain

The optimal method to minimise or eliminate pain is to work with your massage therapist and Reiki practitioner. Coogee massage and wellness centres often offer tailored packages and combine techniques to provide custom solutions and target more types of sports injuries. With the right combination of pressures, strokes and light stretching, you can reduce pain dramatically.

3 – Fast Recovery

A sports massage can help you recover faster because it uses the best techniques to stimulate your body and kick-start the self-healing processes. If you had an intense game or workout, you can prevent inflammations and pain because massages can help eliminate the build-up of carbonic and lactic acids in your muscles. Although this is a normal metabolic process, your body treats these by-products of exercise as waste that irritate your muscles. Drinking plenty of water and having a massage after a challenging training can help you eliminate this waste.

4 – Improved Mobility

If you are recovering from an injury that has reduced your mobility and performance, massages, Reiki treatments and other practices can improve the mobility of your joints. Stimulation of tight muscles and inflamed or stiff tissues around them will improve the flow of blood and lymph drainage. This will then enable better nutrition and faster self-healing, and, as a result, you’ll be able to go back to your exercise routine much quicker.

5 – Boosted Performance

A sports massage can prepare you for the physical challenges that await you in the future. It eliminates pain which can affect your performance while also relaxing your muscles, stimulating blood circulation and allowing a free flow of oxygen and nutrients. In short, it strengthens your body and helps it endure. Additionally, it puts you in a meditative state, allowing you to unwind and clear your mind. This can help you to focus on your goals and perform better.

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