how to reduce pain and improve mobility

How to Reduce Pain and Improve Mobility with Massage

Whether you suffer from chronic pain, inflammation or injury, a carefully tailored massage therapy plan that combines various techniques can help you improve mobility and reduce, minimise, or completely eliminate pain. The key is to work with a qualified and experienced professional who can assess your condition and recommend a comprehensive solution. Let us help you pick the most suitable massage that will help you achieve the best results!

1 – Remedial Massage Sydney

Remedial massage can relax your muscles, provide instant relief of pain, improve joint mobility, and promote self-healing processes in your body that will repair your tissues and elevate the health of your cells. It helps you battle many health conditions and symptoms, including pain, headaches, injuries, stress, anxiety, chronic illnesses and many other problems. A combination of carefully measured pressures and strokes target your problem areas and stimulate muscles and tissues that are stiff and under stress. It also provides for better circulation of nutrients in your body via the bloodstream and lymphatic system.

2 – Myofascial Release Sydney

Myofascial release is another technique that is very efficient in treating chronic pain, stubborn injuries, inflammation, and many other health issues. Gentle strokes and stretching movements target the stiff tissues that surround muscles, bones, and organs in your body. The pain we are feeling is often located in the fascia and stimulating these tissues can help reduce or eradicate it. When performed by a professional therapist, myofascial release results in more flexible tissues, reduced inflammation, improved mobility, and pain relief. This therapy is extremely efficient once you detect the problematic regions in your body and stimulate the fascia in the right way.

3 – Regular Massages for Long-Term Effects

Whether you opt for a remedial massage or a myofascial release therapy, regular treatments can help you achieve long-term effects and prevent potential problems such as injuries, inflammations and chronic pain. The goal is to stimulate the muscles and tissues in your body and ensure that you have the optimal blood and lymph circulation and healthy cells.

4 – Use A Combination of Techniques for Optimal Results

When treating injuries, inflammations and other issues that are causing pain and reduced mobility, it is essential to diagnose the problem and address it correctly. Sometimes a combination of treatments is more impactful than a massage. Sydney massage centres often work with specialists who can recommend additional remedies, natural treatments, wellness programs and meal plans that can help you target your problem area, improve your condition and boost your natural self-healing mechanisms.

5 – Take the Time to Find Your Go-To Centre for Massage in Coogee

Remedial massage and myofascial release can help you reduce pain and improving mobility only when you are in hands of an expert. Qualified and experienced therapists will know how to assess your situation, prescribe a treatment that will work for you and modify their approach. Take the time to find your perfect massage centre in Coogee where you can relax, unwind and enjoy being pampered. At Symmetry Massage, our expert practitioners provide custom massages and treatments to suit your unique needs.

The information provided in any of our programs, digital or printed material is general in nature and contains statements of opinion that are not intended as medical advice of any kind. Symmetry Welllness PTY LTD (Trading as Symmetry Massage Clinic) are not medical doctors and therefore we recommend that you consult your health care professional before commencing any diet, cleanse or fast, or before following any of the guidelines in our programs, digital or printed material, to determine their suitability for you and your personal circumstances.

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