Reducing Pain with Myofascial Therapy

Located in South Coogee, Symmetry Massage can help you manage pain using myofascial release. It is a natural method to treat stubborn injuries, chronic pain and many other health issues. What we think of as muscle pain is often a tension in fascia or the network of tissues in your body that surround the muscles. 



Benefits of Myofascial Release

When the fascia becomes stiff, it can cause discomfort and limit the mobility of your muscles and joints. A gentle massage, also known as myofascial relief, successfully targets this specific problem. 

A blend of gentle strokes and stretching techniques, myofascial release eases tension in muscles to decrease pain and improve mobility. It does so by stimulating the tissue that connects muscles, organs and bones in your body. 

During the therapy, we locate myofascial areas that stay firm under pressure to determine the source of pain. Focusing on these areas can help minimise discomforts caused by injuries or other conditions.

The key benefits of Myofascial Release include:

  • Flexible tissues
  • Reduced pain
  • Reduced inflammation
  • Improved mobility


Stimulating Fascia to Calm the Inflammatory Processes

Myofascial release can calm inflammation by stimulating a specific area. Because it uses a combination of gentle pressure, stretches and motions, this technique is not aggressive, and yet it is extremely beneficial for your nervous system which becomes hypersensitive due to an injury or some other trauma your body experiences. Most importantly, myofascial release can significantly reduce or even eliminate pain and tension in your body caused by inflammation. Regular therapies can keep your fascia permanently healthy and flexible, which will help you stay active, perform better and minimise risks of future injuries or inflammations.  

Symmetry Massage specialises in customised myofascial release treatments that can help you manage chronic pain, heal faster and feel better. Our massage centre in Sydney boasts a team of qualified and experienced therapists who will take the time to assess your condition and recommend the perfect solution for you. This method includes several powerful techniques that provide instant and long-term relief, and we adjust the pressure and motions to individual clients to make the massage even more effective.

The myofascial release delivers outstanding results because it is a natural method for managing injuries and most types of pain. When we think we have stubborn muscle pain, we often just feel the tension in the fascia which is a network of tissues that surround all the muscles in our bodies. The pain emerges when the tissue becomes stiff, and a gentle massage can quickly release the tension and make you feel better.



A Method that Works

Our myofascial release specialists in Sydney are using a combination of light stretching and gentle strokes to stimulate the tissue. As a result, your tissues will be more flexible, and the pain will be significantly reduced or eliminated. This technique can also help reduce inflammation, improve mobility and stimulate your body to heal or recover faster. You can rely on our expertise to locate the problematic myofascial regions in your body and target specific areas to improve your condition.

By stimulating fascia, you can reduce or eradicate pain caused by injuries, inflammations or even more serious health conditions. These problems often cause tension in the tissues which can then be decreased with strategical pressure, strokes and stretches performed by qualified practitioners. In addition to this powerful massage technique, we can also help you with other natural treatments, remedies and massages. Visit our centre in Sydney to experience the change and feel the benefits of our holistic approach.

"I Will Definitely Be Back"

“I recently had a massage with Barbara and she was amazing! She took some time before the massage to find out about my daily activities and see if anything was bothering me in particular. She did a wonderful job working out all of the tightness and checked in with me several times to make sure the pressure was ok. I will definitely be back!”

Rebecca Jentzen, NSW