Relax Baby: Your Complete Guide to Pregnancy Massage

Every year, around 15 million babies are born preterm and that number is rising. While we don’t the exact cause of premature births, scientists have connected it with high stress in the mothers. 

Life is stressful, and it’s no secret that pregnancy can add to that stress. Thankfully, there are massage therapists all over the country who specialise in prenatal massages so both you and your baby can be stress-free

pregnancy massage is a perfect way to support your psychological, physical, and emotional health. This is important, especially since your changing body and hormones wreak such havoc to your body.

In this article, we’re diving into everything you need to know about a prenatal massage, including what to expect and the benefits. 

Head to your happy place, we’re getting started. 

Benefits of a Pregnancy Massage

There are endless benefits when it comes to prenatal massages. They are not only safe but beneficial for you and your tiny growing human. Let’s look into this further.

Increased Blood Flow

One of the greatest benefits of a pregnancy massage is the promotion of healthy blood flow throughout your body, especially through your placenta and uterus. This also lowers the blood pressure of you and your baby. 

Reduces Common Pregnancy Symptoms

If you’re pregnant you can probably relate to common symptoms Mum’s report. Finally get relief from ailments like insomnia, neck, back, and joint pain, leg cramping, and sciatica.

A prenatal massage not only provides relief but reduces inflammation and swelling as well. Many Mum’s often report they have decreased nerve pain after their message and for weeks after.

Regulates Hormones 

Most importantly, vigorous studies show us that stress hormones are drastically reduced and dopamine and serotonin levels increased in mothers exposed to prenatal massages versus those who haven’t. A pregnancy massage has incredible benefits that reach far beyond physical ones. 

Everything You Need to Know About a Prenatal Massage Experience

Massages during pregnancy are the perfect way to take care of yourself as you take care of your baby. Here’s everything you need to know before booking. 

What is It?

A pregnancy massage is similar to a full body massage you might receive at a spa. Modifications are usually made to ensure both Mum and baby are both comfortable, safe, and happy.

Positions and body areas are often avoided to promote healthy blood flow and avoid premature contractions. 

What to Expect

Your massage therapist will bring you to a calm, dimly lit room, with soothing music playing. Your massage will most likely start with you in the reclined, upright position. Expect gentle kneading of your neck, shoulders, head, and limbs, augmented with aromatic or coconut oil if requested.

You will then move to a side position supported by pillows. Your massage therapist will start working on your back continue to massage your limbs, neck, shoulders, and head.

The intensity of the message will be gentle and calming and the overall experience will last between 45 mins – 120 minutes, depending on your booking. 

It’s Completely Safe

Getting a massage while pregnant is completely safe, as long as you’re getting it done correctly by someone certified, trained, and experienced in prenatal massages. 

It’s best to book a massage after your first trimester (when your risk of miscarriage is highest). There is no touch trigger on your body which will reject your baby but massages can trigger nausea and dizziness which might upset your morning sickness.

Also, massages can cause a detoxifying process in some mothers (especially those who were heavy drinkers, smokers, or drug users prior to pregnancy) which can release stored toxins. These toxins will release into your blood and can be potentially passed on to your baby. If you eat fairly healthily and avoid toxic substances and environments, you make a wonderful candidate for a second and third-trimester massage. 

To be sure you’re ready for a pregnancy massage, check with your doctor before scheduling. Complicated pregnancies and mothers with placenta previa should avoid prenatal massages. 

It has a Deep-Rooted History

Surprising to most, prenatal massages are not a new trend and can be well traced back to 17th century England as well as hundreds of generations in many different cultures–think Aztecs! 

In Jamaica, midwives would rub Toona leaves on the abdomen right up until delivery and in Japan, both acupuncture and massages were often used during pregnancy and the actual labour process.

It’s Different Than a Regular Massage

A prenatal massage is quite different than your average sports massage. Everything from the massage spots, bed, and positions are different. 

After your fourth month of pregnancy, you should never lay directly on your back. This disrupts the blood flow to your placenta, or your stomach, which is dangerous and uncomfortable for both Mum and baby. 

Instead, you’ll lay in a semi-reclined positioned and/or on your side. In traditional massages, few areas are out of scope but in a prenatal massage, other areas are often avoided as well.

The Therapist will avoid massaging your stomach as well as the area between your ankle bone and heel which can trigger contractions. Your massage therapist will also perform lighter tissue work on your legs to avoid dislodging any potential blot clots which can put you and your baby in harm. 

Choose the Perfect Massage Centre

When searching for a pregnancy massage, it’s important to pick a licensed and experienced prenatal Therapist. You’ll also want to go to a clean and professional massage centre.

At Symmetry Massage Centre we have only the most qualified and professional staff on hand performing pregnancy Massages and we are truly dedicated to giving you the best experience.

If you’re in the South Coogee area, swing by the Symmetry Massage Centre or contact us today for an appointment. We would love to take care of both you and your baby.

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