Boost Your Performance and Speed-Up Recovery

Based in South Coogee, Symmetry Massage has healthcare professionals who specialise in sports massages. Our treatments can be customised for any type of sport and designed to target your specific medical issues. Whether you just want to enhance your body strength and boost performance, or you need assistance to recover from an injury, sports massage can make a significant contribution towards achieving your goals. 

sports massage south coogee


Benefits of Sports Massage

We focus on your problem areas to improve your overall health and performance.

The key benefits of sports massage include:

  • Relaxing sore muscles
  • Decreasing or eliminating pain
  • Improving blood circulation
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Stimulating your body’s self-healing processes


Healing & Rehabilitation

A quality sports massage can significantly speed up the process of rehabilitation after an injury. It increases the flow of blood and lymph fluid while eliminating muscle soreness and improving flexibility of joints. A massage can help you stimulate your body’s natural healing processes and prevent re-injury. It can also increase your range of motions and help you feel more confident, more energetic and more positive. Our goal is to assist you on your journey to full recovery and help you go back to your regular exercise sooner. Even if you are just feeling sore after an intense workout, we know the right moves to help you relax and release the tension from your muscles and soft tissues.



Soothing Massage Therapy

Our sports massages have a strong therapeutic effect on your body while helping you relax and minimising pain with soothing strokes. We use a variety of techniques to help improve your blood circulation, reduce inflammation or swelling and regulate your body temperature. A massage can help you heal quickly if you are injured or prepare better for the forthcoming sports challenge. Regular massage treatments will help you stay in shape, be more focused, maintain healthy muscles and prevent future injuries or other health issues.

Sports Massage Pricing

Our treatments are available in  30min, 45min, 60min, 75min, 90min & 120min. Session prices are the same across all treatment types. You can also enhance your treatment with an aromatherapy upgrade.

60 Minutes

$ 110
  • Great for a treatment program or treating medium rated issues

75 Minutes

$ 135
  • Great for deep-rooted issues/symptoms and longer lasting results

90 Minutes

$ 155
  • Fantastic for deep-rooted and persistent issues/symptoms, greater and longer lasting results

"Highly Recommend"

“Great place for a sports massage. I love seeing Paloma and she gives a great massage and is able to get rid of all the stiffness I get. Highly recommended”

Yby Flo, NSW