top 7 tips of prenatal pregnancy massage

Top 7 Benefits of Prenatal Pregnancy Massage

A professional massage can make your pre-natal journey easier and more pleasurable by eliminating the pains and discomforts that sometimes come with pregnancy. If you are having troubles with stubborn headaches, anxiety or pain in your back, shoulders and neck, don’t worry! It is all normal, but you don’t have to suffer because the right combination of pressures, strokes and stretches can minimise or eliminate these symptoms. Here are the most important benefits of maternity massage Sydney mothers vouched for!

1 – Improving Sleep Quality

One of the infamous symptoms of pregnancy is stress that often causes severe sleep deprivation. Hormonal changes can also cause higher blood pressure which can make it difficult to fall asleep. The best way to tackle this problem is to raise your levels of melatonin and serotonin hormones with a help of a professional pregnancy massage. Sydney massage therapists claim that some techniques can boost the natural production of these hormones in your body which improves sleep quality dramatically.

2 – Lowering Stress Levels

You probably know that massage provides instant relief and helps you relax and unwind. However, perhaps you didn’t know that regular treatments can lower your stress levels and create a long-term impact? This is because it can decrease the levels of cortisol in your body and help your body produce more good hormones that can lift your mood.

3 – Decreasing Swelling

Swelling of joints is a common problem with pregnant women, but you can reduce it with a prenatal massage. Coogee mothers have reported that myofascial release and deep tissue massage are very impactful because they target the right areas and stimulate the circulation of lymphatic drainage and blood vessels to reduce the build-up that causes swelling.

4 – Reducing Nerve Pain

During the late stages of pregnancy, women often feel a lot of pressure in the lower back and the pelvic floor which sometimes leads to strong nerve pain. By massaging the nearby muscles, it is possible to release the tension in the nerves and minimise this pain.

5 – Relieving Muscle Pain and Cramps

Muscle pain and cramps can occur even more often, and they may occur in all stages of pregnancy. This is due to the high motor neuron activity and strong muscular tension which can be tackled to reduce these major discomforts.

6 – Calming Your Baby

By using the right techniques, you can even achieve a positive effect on your baby with the pregnancy massage. Coogee mothers have reported that massage can cause an energetic baby to calm down and stop kicking. Just like you, the baby can also feel the decline in levels of cortisol and increase of serotonin, melatonin and other good hormones.

7 – Minimising Risks of Premature Birth

The risk of premature birth is something every mother is afraid of because it can affect their baby’s health and wellbeing. Many studies show that regular prenatal massage significantly reduces the risks of premature birth.

For all of these reasons, maternity massage is a great help for both mothers and their babies throughout the pregnancy journey. But remember that your chosen practitioner must have the knowledge and experience to ensure you get adequate treatments.

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