Rewards for our regular massage clients

We are really excited to share that we are designing a massage therapy service offering that addresses some recurring themes of feedback that we receive from our massage regulars. 

The feedback you gave us

  • You want Symmetry to do more to reward our massage therapy regulars
  • You want a more personalised massage service for regulars
  • You want to see more massage therapist being available at times that suit you 
  • You want more consistency across the massage therapists you see, so that you have more options on when you can attend
  • You want to see the things Patricia does for her clients, displayed by other massage therapists
  • You want to see better communication both inside the practice and when contacting via phone or email
  • You want it to be easy to understand the value you are getting when it comes to promotions and specials around massage and other services
  • You want to see a service offering for business customers

What we are doing with it

Well, we heard you, and we are working towards building that service. 
It’s all still in the works, but soon we will be contacting our regulars around it. We will both share what we have done so far, and to get your input on how you want to shape and guide it to be exactly what you want. Stand by for that communication.

What Next

If you are a regular, we know who you are and will contact you directly
If you are not a regular and are interested in becoming a regular to find out more about this service click here to register your interest
The Symmetry Team

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